Are you a woman who worries and feels anxious about life? Would you like to find the easiest way out of the overwhelm and stuckness, to finally be the confident, carefree woman that's hiding inside?

This 6 min read will show you that you are understood and what you can do RIGHT NOW to start really living.

Are you a woman who worries and feels anxious about life? Would you like to find the easiest way out of the overwhelm and stuckness, to finally be the confident, carefree woman that's hiding inside?

This 6 min read will show you that you are understood and what you can do RIGHT NOW to start really living.

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Would you agree that in today’s general conversation… anxiety, panic attacks, depression – they’re words that seem to be just thrown around so willy-nilly that it feels many people have become numb to what they actually are…almost like they’re not even a ‘thing’. And maybe, like many women out there, you might have heard a friend say stuff like:

Oh darling, make sure you put the plates away like this, or you’ll set off my anxiety…

I can’t even LOOK at my daughter’s bedroom without having a panic attack…

This wine menu is seriously stressing me out…

And, even though it’s possible those things could stress you out too…

Could it be the anxiety you feel is more severe?

Perhaps anxiety to you is being unable to leave your house for fear of being judged on your looks, intelligence, your ability to do your job, or your humour, for God’s sake.

Or, is it possible a panic attack for you is not brought on by the sight of a messy bedroom, but the constant suppression ofworry, that bubbles and explodes like tomato soup left too long in the microwave?

And if so, am I right in believing it shows up everywhere, too… As in, in your friendships. Your relationships. And work. To the point where social situations really stress you out?

like many women who feel similar, you end up avoiding social situations altogether

Such as, feigning another headache to get out of your colleague’s birthday party at Cote. Or, saying your child care has “fallen through at the last minute” on the night of your friend’s divorce drinks. Like, it’s just easier to be at home, as there’s no need to pretend to be happy there? No need to analyze everything said. No need to try and impress or “live your best life”.

Home. Safe, sweet home. Where you can curl up on your spot on the sofa, grip your mug, sit in silence and feel nothing…

Until the anxiety knocks on the door again…

And, painfully, it’s called round to say you’re a failure for staying on your sofa; that you’re wasting your life
inside. And, at this point, I suspect you have absolutely no idea what to do.

So, like many other women, you go to the NHS. You tell this stranger that life is so bloody terrifying right
now; that you are too frightened to be alone, but too scared to be around others. They nod sympathetically, but it feels like they’re not taking you seriously.

You fear you’ve wasted their time. You’re put on a three-month waiting list for a block of six CBT sessions in a cold porta cabin and loaded up with neuron-numbing drugs to bridge the gap until your first appointment.

“Take these” they said. “They’ll help” they said.

“This was not how my life was supposed to be” you say…

And it’s not how your life will be, either. Listen. You didn’t land on this page by accident. You’ve already made the hardest decision in your life: to look for answers to change.

I’m here for you, because I was just like you. That Psychologist saved my life. A Psychologist
actually saved my life. To like yourself again. To fancy yourself, to find yourself funny. To be able to go out for cocktails with your friends without constantly worrying if you’re being interesting enough. (I know. I know you just cringed whilst reading that).

But, you just searched for the first step and here you are. Let me tell you, you’re here, and so am I. I’m here for you. I, Wendy Dignan, Psychologist and Mental Health Expert, am here for you.

I’m here for you, because I was just like you.

And let me tell you, the first step you’ve just taken, as in literally just reading these words, is massive. Can I level with you here? Can I tell you why I know this stuff is real?

Wendy Dignan

From the age of 18, I was crippled with anxiety. Obsessed with image, conformity, empathy and people, I had a facial disfigurement due to Bells Palsy and was severely depressed.

I feared my life would be a constant struggle. Joyless. Empty. I was fortunate, though. My doctor understood stress and anxiety were triggers of Bells Palsy and suggested I sought help from a Psychologist.

That Psychologist saved my life. A Psychologist actually saved my life

Sounds trite, but it’s true. Working with my Psychologist, I learnt how to understand my anxiety, stress and depression; understand it and control it.

I learnt how to make practical changes, and what’s more… I learnt how to completely get rid of it.

It’s true, you can learn how to completely get rid of your anxiety

After years of convincing myself this was what my life was going to be now, I conquered it. Smashed it. Told it to f**k off. Don’t get me wrong, it tried to come back, but I learnt how to never ever let it. And the gratitude I had for that Psychologist was the reason why I studied to become one.

And so, 30 years and multiple Doctorate degrees later, and having helped thousands of people learn to completely rid themselves of these life-destroying ills… I’m now an award-winning Psychologist, hell-bent on eradicating anxiety, stress and depression from the world, and help women in particular…

To become fearless females

I’ve just made that help even more accessible; accessible to you. See, I understand the idea of going straight to a Psychologist is daunting.

It’s also not cheap. But, you know your situation better than anyone, and, if you’re like me, you know the idea of living with your anxiety as it is now, is painful. Excruciatingly painful.

So, if paying to sit in front of a psychologist is too much, and doing nothing is way too little, then this is what I’ve created to bridge the gap…

Allow me to introduce you to:

An 8-week online programme designed specifically to help you learn to understand, control & eradicate the life-numbing anxiety, stress & depression that’s held you back for way too long.

So, how does it work?

Backed up by 30 years of professional, medical experience, this programme has been expertly crafted by me to take you step by step into a life free of this crippling pain.

You can take as little or as long as you like to complete the course. You may decide to speed through it in 8 weeks or be happy to take your time. It’s up to you, there’s no time limit, and you can start whenever you’re ready. I’ve designed the course to take as little time as possible so an hour a week is all that’s needed from you.

And no, you don’t need any technical computer know how. You just need to be able to access the internet and have an email address. Week by week, you’ll be guided by me via a series of 8 written and video-based phases that will help you tackle the most important areas of your anxiety and how to get rid of them.

The workbook has been written to guide you week by week with exactly what you would work through in a 1:1 consultation with me. There are spaces to fill in answers that you can reflect on.

To accompany the workbook, you’ll also get a journal. The journal is full of thought-provoking exercises, designed to help you find out about your real self. The journal will speed you closer to being your best version of you.

Course materials

I know that sometimes, anxiety and worry is just so overwhelming that you feel stuck. You’ll receive a set of ‘help now’ cards. These cards will give you the solution you need and help you carry on.

Then, once a week, you’ll have me live on a zoom call to guide you further and answer your questions, which will be similar to having a 1:1 session in my practice.

You’ll also be introduced to and welcomed into the small, comforting community of women who are in the Fearless Females programme. You can be as active or anonymous as you like within the community. This is a really lovely, supportive and warm group of women who will champion your success

All the materials have been written by me and condense 30 years of expertise. They’re only available through Fearless Female. This is what you’ll get;

…and of course, a life free of worry and anxiety.


So, what are the 5 phases?


Understanding you are normal and not alone

Your first phase is understanding what you’re going through and realising how very normal it is; that lots of women struggle with anxiety and constant worry.

Normalising what the struggle is and standing shoulder to shoulder with women on the same pathway means that you can help each other move forwards. It all starts here, and turning back won’t even be an option for you… Because you won’t want it to be. As, from this point forwards, you’re not alone.


Changing your beliefs

At this point, you’ve found neutral again, and things start to look brighter; there’s a sense of hope. Some women say they notice this by their ability to get out of bed in the morning and smile.

The same smile where you have that warming sense of feeling that you’re on to something, y’know? You’re ready to move on and really start to get into the nitty gritty of what’s actually going on in your mind.

This place, this phase, this challenging of those faulty beliefs, there’s no better place to be. It’s a call to action, a declaration of war on what’s putting the and brake on your happiness.

So, we start to look for evidence that you can control this thing. We do this together. I’m with you all the way here. This bit’s hard. But the reward? Oh darling, the reward is wonderful, and will be found in phase 3.


Living in the here and now

A feeling of well-being and more control is the reward for people who have engaged with the course to this point.

Because, when you get this far into the journey, most have begun to realise just how different life can be. A funny thing happens when you start to stand toe to toe with all the things you’ve spent a lifetime avoiding…you finally become free. Free from anxiety, overwhelm and worry. Free from all the chaos inside your head.

This is what starting to take back control of your life and be in charge of your happiness feels like. This is the moment you thank God you enrolled on this programme.


The point of dominance

Knowledge of yourself, beliefs, thoughts and behaviour. It’s only by cracking these codes that you’ll be ready for the fourth phase on this journey.

This is the phase where people like us, the natural born doers and work horses, the people pleasers, the peace seekers, well we submit to that primal instinct that says no matter how free we’ve become, no matter how well we’re doing, we’re not quite there yet.

Somehow it’s always easier to slip back to where we were and let those familiar thoughts back through the door. But, with the knowledge already known, and most of the fight already fought, it’s easy to shut the door on all those old habits and refuse to let them back in.

This is where together, we push past what you thought was possible and where we utterly dominate any negativity or overthinking still lurking in the corners of your mind. It’s a f**king powerful phase, and you’ll be desperate for our zoom call to share just how much you’ve achieved in such a short space of time.


The age of influence

This is the final piece of the jigsaw, and the biggest of realisations. Whatever curve ball life throws at you, you can choose how to react.

You’re able to problem solve without the curse of overwhelm. No longer will you live with the constant feeling that something’s not quite right. Right here and after all 5 phases you’ll live the way you always hoped was possible. The way you thought you never could.

Right here is where you complete the programme and become a Fearless Female.

That is my guarantee to you and that will be your reality.

And this is the bit where you smile, as if you’re on to something…

Right now, right at this very moment, you’ve just learnt something about yourself. You’ve just learnt that you don’t have to put up with the rubbish in your head anymore. You’ve also just learnt that there’s someone, someone and something that’s going to help you do that. That someone is me, and that something is the Fearless Female 8-week programme.

So, if you’re sick to death of cancelling plans, feeling inferior to others, questioning your looks, your intelligence, humour and worth, and most of all, sick of feeling fearful at every turn, then be kind to yourself…Be kind and say, I’ve taken the biggest step forward to conquering this. I’ve sat and read all of this and discovered there’s a way out.

The next step is easy in comparison. The next step is to join the programme and allow me to guide you through to being the Fearless Female you’ve always been able to be.

Click here and join me and our community of soon to be fearless-females.

We’re here for you. I’m here for you.


Don’t just take my word for it...

Known as the best psychologist around, Wendy’s an obvious choice to be featured on the show’

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Dare to dream big and Wendy’s THE person to help get you there.

Sam Bailey

X Factor winner with a long list of sell out tour successes under her belt.

The most exciting thing in the world is getting a chance to tear it all up and start again. Keep all the things you want and throw out everything you don’t. Wendy will help you do just that!

Becky Sheeran

Beauty, lifestyle and fashion blogging sensation Becky Sheeran (TalkBeckyTalk)

Wendy is great at what she does; she made me feel at ease immediately and really helped me work through some issues.

Tara Costello

Wendy isn’t only really good at what she does, she’s also really easy to talk to.

Gabriel Wilson

I want to thank you Wendy from the bottom of my heart for guiding me through what must have been the most difficult time of my life.

Raza Syed

I was told she was the best and they were right.

Noelle Dray

1 Lesley Bourne


I have enjoyed all aspects of the programme, the webinar, reading the workbook at home, keeping diaries and ready books recommended by Wendy. I have made massive progress over the past few weeks, am a lot less anxious and can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, in a way that I never thought was possible. I was a bit skeptical that anything would help me be less anxious. Maybe I’m just learning not to constantly run worst case scenario all the time?!

1 Amanda Gleen


Once you’ve really absorbed the course material, future feelings and situations don’t seem to get to you in the same way and you are able to deal with things differently. Don’t get me wrong you still feel all the normal emotions, but the bad ones don’t seem to stay with you in the same unhealthy way. It isn’t a magic pill or spell, you just have to remember the processes you are taught by Wendy and you react and deal with things in the right way, which is so liberating. I’m not only less anxious but some days I actually can’t wait to get the day started. I feel so excited about life again.